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Silk Road House in Berkeley presented the exhibit:


The exhibit included twelve patterns related to the Silk Road. All works are available for purchase. The price list is available by emailing

On Sunday April 11th

Christopher gave a talk on the sources of his art as it relates to the Silk Road and discussed the broad array of tracks he has taken from his studies of the lost knowledge embedded in neolithic and bronze age European sites, architecture and art, through a contemporary art education, and exploration of patterns in nature, to a global synaesthetic consciousness and ecological world view.

Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue, Berkeley


from Christopher Castle

Recent exhibit at Novartis in Emeryville:

Alhambra Creek Watershed Mural

Over the months of May, June and July 2009 Christopher worked with the students from the Environmental Studies Academy, Martinez, California painting a mural entitled John Muir greets the returning animals at a site in Martinez. Preparation of the mural was done in the classroom over several months with the students working on gathering images of local flora and fauna and developing some of the painting skills needed.

Very appropriately in Martinez which was the home town of the great early environmentalist John Muir, the Environmental Academy educates teenagers as future stewards of the land. Under the inspired leadership of founder and director Rona Zollinger the students learn about sustainability and restoration in their watershed of Alhambra Creek.

The mural has had a tremendously supportive response from the local community with numerous comments and three front page articles in the local newspaper. The National Park Service and the John Muir Trust mural asked me to lead a second mural also with a John Muir theme on a wall close to the John Muir House. This is now complete.

Images of the first mural can be seen on the Public Art pages.



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New commissioned work:

In early 2010 the Richmond Police Activities League. (RPAL) commissioned two paintings, portraits of the founders of RPAL  The paintings were unveiled at RPAL’s annual luncheon on March 18th 2010.

Hal Holt

A portrait of Hal Holt who was instrumental in the set-up of the center. The painting is on the wall of RPAL’s huge gymnasium which is dedicated as a memorial to Mr. Holt.

(Acrylic mural. 8ft x 14ft.)


Sy Zell

A second portrait was commissioned by RPAL and completed in time for unveiling at their March 18th fund-raising luncheon.

Sy Zell was a major founder of RPAL. The portrait will be displayed in the main entrance lobby

September and October 2010. I spent 6 weeks in Romania at the invitation of Michael Baron de Styrcea. I will soon be posting a full account of this extraordinary experience. For now, this image is an evocation of some of the layers of visual inspiration that I encountered.

January to May 2011. After my first visit I was asked to create icons, St. Paraskeva and The Old Testament Trinity, for the two village churches of Valeni and Moreni, in Co. Neamt, Moldavia.

June and July 2011. I returned to Romania with the two icons to attend their installation and blessing ceremony.

March 2012. I have completed a third icon also for Romania, The Annunciation.

You can view the first two here:

August and September 2013.

•  Coming soon: an account of my residency  •

British Museum

In 1980 the British Museum’s purchased a drawing from my Megalithic Europe series for their collection.

You can see it at



October 2013

John Muir mural is finished

In 2011 I was asked by The Park Service if I would be interested in creating a mural for a site in Martinez. Ralph Bell, Facility Manager at the John Muir Historic Site had seen the mural that we had recently painted near by on a City owned wall and was interested in a second one on a wall close to the Park Service depot and the John Muir Historic Site.

Rona Zollinger director of theThe New Leaf environmental academy at Briones High School agreed to my leading her students through a process of conceptualizing, designing and finally painting the mural. The whole process took nearly three years.

Here is a picture of the site before we began, a freeway retaining wall close to the John Muir National Historical Site, Martinez, California.

Just click on the picture to see the final mural.

I am holding on-going classes in egg tempera painting and gilding. Based around the technique developed by Byzantine iconographers, the processes and concepts involved represent the foundations of Western painting. The poster here is from a recently held course. If you would like to receive news of current and upcoming sessions, please Contact me! 

April 12, 2012

Just completed a new icon, The Transfiguration.

egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel. 20” x 15”.

The 6 month journey through the realms of this archetypal image has been a series of revelations.

•  click to see   larger imageThe_Annunciation.html


acrylic on board. 12.5” x 8.5”.

April 2012.

coming soon: a portrait of Louie Muir, John’s wife